Kylin Technology provides you with a full range of professional hydrogen energy technology solutions
Large alkaline water electrolysis equipment 100-500NM3/h
Large alkaline water electrolysis equipment 100-500NM3/h
The system has a continuous purity detection function, which will extend the service life of the equipment and greatly reduce maintenance and replacement costs.

Kylin-tech KL series features:
ultrapure hydrogen
the hydrogen produced by the device up to 99.998% purity
, the purity of the system with continuous detection, this feature
will extend the life of the device, greatly reducing maintenance
and replacement costs.

Modular design The
KL series hydrogen production equipment adopts a modular design, which
makes on-site integration and maintenance easier. The hydrogen production
equipment adopts a frame structure, which is convenient and quick to transport and install.

Safe, unattended operation-
PLC with 10" high-definition touch screen operation interface
-The system contains the least amount of gas when it is running, and the
whole system uses non-sparking components.
-The system is equipped with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to ensure
unexpected power failure The system is controllable.
-Optional remote monitoring and operation functions
-By-product oxygen can be safely emptied out of the equipment, or
can be used for other purposes.      

Gas production on demand
-up to 1.6MP (16 bar) pressure-up to
500NM3/H gas production

Factory machine test
each device factory must complete factory testing to ensure compliance with industry standards, and higher than the industry quality and safety standards. For KL series equipment parameters, please refer to the EXCEL table for medium-sized alkaline equipment EC and EL series parameter characteristics.


Equipment parameter characteristics see EXCEL table large alkaline equipment KL series