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Company culture

Company culture

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The corporate culture is the "spiritual motivation" of employees, the "powerful gongs and drums" to boost the confidence of the team, and the "lighthouse" for us to break through the waves. Giving full play to the "adhesive, catalyst, lubricant" role of corporate culture and activating the "spring of water" of cultural development can melt the "layers of ice" in corporate development.


  After years of development, it has formed an excellent and unique corporate culture with "integrity, innovation, humanism, and harmony" as the core. But in the new stage of development, corporate culture also needs innovation, enrichment, and perfection.


  In order to ensure that the corporate culture can guide the reform, innovation and development of the company. Now the company inherits the core corporate culture and further organizes and refines the original specific business philosophy and the company’s success. We hope this can become a new starting point for employees to understand the company's excellent corporate culture. Through their own summary and insights, every employee can experience love and benefit for life. At the same time, it is also hoped that through this sorting, refining, and publicity, we will further unify our thinking, enhance cohesion, and promote corporate management to a certain extent, and contribute to the realization of the company's ambitious goals.


  Enterprise tenet: integrity-based, innovation-oriented, performance-oriented, and comprehensive service, mutual benefit, and win-win


  Enterprise spirit: hard work, pragmatism, seeking peace, gratitude, righteousness, selflessness


  Quality policy: Quality is the key to our survival, and reputation is our foundation.

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