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Deuterium (deuterium) is a naturally occurring and stable isotope of hydrogen (H), also known as heavy hydrogen, and its element symbol is generally D or 2H. Deuterium can be used in thermonuclear reactions, and deuterium is called the "natural fuel of the future." Deuterium is also widely used in optical fiber production. With the development of 5G technology, the demand for low-water peak optical fiber produced by deuterium is increasing year by year.

Deuterium Composition Table

1. Deuterium gas is the main raw material for the synthesis of deuterated reagents (deuterated methanol, hepta-deuterated n-propanol). Deuterated methanol is an important carrier for deuterated drugs. High-quality deuterated preparations will usher in a larger market, especially It is used in the medical field to help treat intractable diseases and improve the survival rate of patients.

2. Deuterated reagents
3. The effect of deuterated compounds

1. Reduce the pre-system metabolism tracking that occurs in the digestive system, so that more unmetabolized drugs can reach the target.

2. Improve metabolism. The improved metabolites may potentially reduce or eliminate the side effects or adverse consequences of drug interactions.

3. Increase the half-life. The synthesis speed of deuterated compounds can change and slow down the pharmacokinetic effect, which expands the range of drug absorption and distribution in the patient's body. In the body. Compared with non-deuterated drugs, deuterated compounds can reduce the number of doses used by patients within a certain period of time


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