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Power to X
One of the most important challenges today is global warming. Both developed and developing countries are advocating to reduce carbon emissions and achieve carbon neutrality. In order to limit climate change caused by the increase in global carbon dioxide emissions, it is necessary to find solutions that produce carbon-neutral, sustainable fuels. The key to meeting this challenge is to continuously expand the concept of renewable energy and industry coupling, which means combining renewable energy with industrial, energy and transportation infrastructure, and insisting on using Power-to-X solutions. We promote the conversion of renewable energy (solar energy, wind energy, and water energy) into "green" hydrogen energy by water electrolysis to reduce energy waste, which is an ideal model for the global energy transition.
Power-to-X describes the method of converting electrical energy into liquid or gaseous chemical energy through electrolysis and other synthesis processes. Using electric current, water is decomposed into oxygen and hydrogen, and there is no CO2 emission in the whole process. As a key technology for energy conversion, hydrogen can be easily stored, and can be further used or processed in a variety of ways.

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